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Providing excellent care


Our aims and objectives at Beverly Lodge are to offer a professional and high standard of care to all our residents.

Staff will strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in so doing will be sensitive to the residents ever-changing needs. Such needs may be medical/therapeutic (for mental and physical welfare), cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social, and residents are encouraged to participate in the development of their individualised care plans in which the involvement of family and friends may be appropriate and is greatly valued.

Privacy and Dignity of Residents


  • Staff will knock and wait before entering a residents room
  • Staff are aware of the need to maintain confidentiality
  • When undertaking personal care procedures, these are undertaken in private. For example, nursing procedures/assisting to wash and dress a resident or use the toilet must be undertaken ‘behind closed doors’.
  • Private access to a telephone is available.
  • Residents are offered a variety of activities and entertainment.
  • Residents are able to choose their own clothes.
  • As far as possible, a residents preference to receive care from a male or female is respected.



  • Residents and/or their representatives are able to voice their views at resident/relative meetings.
  • Residents and/or their relatives are consulted when planning their care.
  • Residents have a right to take risks
  • Complaints are treated with sensitivity and residents should be able to voice concerns without fear of reprisal.
  • Residents give informed consent to treatment and have a right to refuse care/treatment
  • Residents are allowed to bring their own furniture and possessions of their choice


  • Residents may choose the time they rise and go to bed, the time they get washed and dressed, the number of showers/baths they have and where they eat.
  • Residents have a choice of meals
  • Residents are allowed and encouraged to choose their own GP
  • Residents are consulted when drawing up menus



  • Residents are encouraged to fully realise their personal aims
  • Residents are encouraged to fully realise their potential
  • Residents are happy and contented with their quality of life

Rights of the Home and its Occupants

    • Residents must respect the property and belongings of others
    • Residents must respect the privacy of other residents within the home
  • Residents must respect the rights of fellow residents and allow them to continue in their beliefs and to make their own choices
  • Residents must respect fellow residents and staffs ethnic background, sexual orientation, religious persuasion, racial origin, physical disability and cultural and language factors
  • Residents must consider fellow residents in the home and not cause unnecessary noise, pollution or disturbance




Equal Opportunity- We are committed to equal opportunities for all involved in our home. Our approach to this is to foster a spirit of respect for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, social background, ethnic origin, religion, religious beliefs, creed, colour, nationality, racial origin, physical ability, culture and language or social background.

Spiritual Needs- We have links with some religious leaders who will visit the home to meet the individual resident if required. We also have a church service conducted by local religious leaders twice monthly. Residents are encouraged to maintain links with their religious beliefs and to take part in in services and gatherings at their preferred local place of worship. We welcome residents from all religious backgrounds and will equally respect all religious beliefs.

Catering- Beverly Lodge are eager to cater for individual likes and dislikes. In addition we will provide special diets to meet medical, health and religious requirements.

We offer breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. Residents have a choice of a ‘ proper meal’ at lunch and tea. We do not supplement a meal with soup or sandwiches unless this is the residents individual choice. The chef will discuss any individual requirements/choices with each resident. The chef is informed of any special dietary requirements and is provided with a copy of the dieticians or Speech and Language Therapists recommendations. Snacks/drinks are provided and available at all times.

Visitors are welcome to dine with relatives in the privacy of the residents room.


Contact with Family and Friends- We will give you every possible assistance to maintain the links you wish to retain with people outside the home, but you can choose whom you see. Family and friends are welcome to visit the home at any convenient time, and to become involved with meeting your care needs. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide overnight accommodation, but there will be times when your family may wish to stay overnight. We will discuss this with all concerned when the need arises.

Friends and family can also contact our residents by telephone or email.


Laundry- Our home offers an in house laundry service. We would request that all clothing is fire retardant. Clothing ought to be machine washable to 60⁰, colourfast and is clearly named prior to admission. Staff will commence an inventory on admission and continue completing it for all new clothing thereafter. This allows for easy identification of all clothing and the appropriate storing and separation of all the personal clothing. Dry cleaning can be arranged at an additional charge.


General and clinical waste- We have arrangements for the disposal of General and Clinical Waste in accordance with the certificate of Registration under current legislation. This service is contracted out and collected weekly.


Fire Precautions and associated emergency procedures-Beverly Lodge is provided with up to date equipment to fight and retain fires as per regulations.

All staff attend fire training 6 monthly and participate in regular fire evacuation and procedures. The fire alarm system is tested weekly by the maintenance person as are all Fire exits and emergency lighting. There is, no matter how much emphasis is placed on equipment and training, always the possibility of a fire starting. It is therefore essential that you remember the routine to follow should a fire start. The Evacuation Procedure is clearly displayed in prominent locations throughout the home. Fire Risk Assessments are completed annually by an external agency and are available for inspection. The registered provider ensures that risk assessments are adhered to.

Arrangements for consultation with Residents and Relatives

Residents are warmly encouraged to become involved in the running of the home. Residents are informed about any proposed changes to the home.

The Nurse Manager has an ‘open door’ policy and actively encourages suggestions and recommendations from residents. These suggestions are then discussed at a management meeting with input from the Registered Provider.

The following arrangements are in place to enable residents to voice their views.

Relative Meetings-These meetings are held monthly and details of the planned date for the next meeting is on display in a prominent location within the home. Minutes are taken and distributed.

Care management review meetings- Care management review meetings are held within 6 weeks of admission to the home and annually thereafter. A care management review can be arranged at any time if required. The resident and/or the relative will receive a copy of the care review document.

Resident satisfaction questionnaires-Resident/relative are sent a copy of our satisfaction questionnaires at least annually. The Nurse Manager and the Provider analysis the returns and an action plan is implemented for identified improvements. The Action Plan is displayed within a prominent location within the home.

A sample copy of the survey is available in the office.

Comments box-A comments box is available at the nurse’s station. Residents/relatives/visitors are encouraged to make use of this facility. Comments can be made anonymously.

Care plans- Residents and/or their representatives are encouraged to become involved in the care planning process and will be fully consulted at each stage of the care and support plan. The care and support plan will be made available to the resident and/or their representative for signature and agreement.

Provider visits– The registered provider and Mr Malcom Allen regularly visit the home and undertakes a formal and unannounced inspection each month. The provider and/or Mr Allen is available to speak with residents and/or their representatives during this time.

Complaints- We have a robust complaints procedure, a copy of which is attached. In additions, the procedures are well displayed throughout the home. We have an open approach to the receipt and management of complaints, and also welcome constructive suggestions and ideas, which will be reviewed and adopted wherever possible. The home retains a schedule of complaints which can be inspected by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority as and when requested.

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